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I love to do crafts, from painting to crochet. These are just a few pictures.

First attempt at beadweaving.  This is made out of seed beads on a loom

4"x4" photo album fold out to hold about 16 pictures

Saw this in a craft magazine for around $15, being a stingy person I decided I could make my own 

see inside and more scrapbook pages







Meet Fester Frog, I made him for my mother for mother's day. I've thought of making another as a no smoking sign. Maybe he could hold a sign saying "Please Don't smoke I may Croak"

angel.jpg (61842 bytes)
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Crochet Christmas Angel

scarecrow.JPG (107305 bytes)
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A painted gourd........I am going to stuff clothes next Halloween and use this as the head

First attempt at pumpkin carving

cow.jpg (31578 bytes)
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will post more later